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AI-Driven Identity Risk

Intelligence from a Constellation
of One Trillion Compromised Assets

AI-Driven Identity Risk: The New Paradigm in Identity Protection and Risk Monitoring

Harness the Power of The Largest Identity Risk Data Lake In The World

With Constella’s Enterprise ready, AI-driven identity risk,  Compromised Identity Data Lake, you can send meaningful curated quality alerts in any language and full control of the use experience. 

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Greater than One Trillion Assets

Powered by our data lake of greater than one trillion curated and verified assets

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125 Countries

Our data spans 125 different countries and 53 languages

Why Constella?



The Surface Web

Capability to detect your data on the Surface Web, in other words, the data that can be found in Google.

The Deep Web

Data Brokers

Detect and remove your data from marketing databases

Info Stealers

A type of malware, typically a Trojan malware virus, that is able to disguise itself and gather sensitive information

The Dark Web

The dark web is often linked to criminal intent or illegal content, and “trading” sites where users can purchase illicit goods or services.


Curated and Verified, Compromised IdentityAssets
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Enterprise Identity Exposure Alerting at Scale

Scan the Deep, Dark, Surface, and Social Web with the same provider and API, including Data Brokers and Info Stealers.

Real-time alerts at Scale, while keeping Security and Privacy. Our API maintains the confidentiality and integrity of your customer data through complete hashing, ensuring robust security and privacy, while effortlessly scaling to support hundreds of millions of users

Highly Verified Data. Proprietary verification mechanism for proper attribution of sources and cleaning of fake data to deliver quality and secure alerts.

Deliver Quality. Deliver unified, deduplicated multilanguage alerts using advanced disambiguation. Create tailored policies to control the quality and security of your alert operations.

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Most Extensive Data Lake

The largest compromised identity data lake from 4 different sources: Dark, Deep, Social, Surface, including Data Brokers, and InfoStealers.

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Best User Experience

Provide the best user experience with full control on the alert delivery: highly verified, reduplicated and multilanguage alerts.

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Secure Operation

Constella operates with fully hashed and cypher customer data ensuring privacy and security. We have implemented the highest security and privacy standards including SOC2, PCI and GDPR.

What Customers are Saying

“With Constella, we uncovered the real identity of a bad actor that led us to a criminal group selling credentials from our financial institution in hours, saving us +$100M from identifying fraudulent credit cards.”

Top 5 Global Bank

“The knowledge we get from Constella’s research will inform global policy discussions on the role of disinformation in areas where the UNDP operates.”

Arvind Gadgil | Director of UNDP
Oslo Governance Center

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"Worth The Investment For Protective Operations & Intelligence Teams. The Constella team approaches the customer experience from a partnership perspective ...  from initial contact to day-to-day support, is so easy for the client."

Global Threat Analysis Manager

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Let us help you stay one step ahead