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Investigate & Attribute Anonymous Threat Actors with Deep OSINT Investigations

Use the Hunter Deep OSINT Investigations tool to analyze Actors connecting the dots between anonymous to real identities. Learn connections, tactics, techniques, and procedures.


Read how leading cyber investigative journalist Brian Krebs used Constella Hunter to fight against cybercrime:
Constella’s Role in Fighting Cybercrime: Supporting Investigative Journalism and Law Enforcement

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Solve investigations 5X faster

Start with just a single indicator and enrich information from other sources and begin making connections. Hunter delivers real-time and historical identity intelligence that helps you solve investigations 5X faster. Hunter accelerates and simplifies cyber investigations and threat analysis by:

  • Bringing together data from thousands of sources.
  • Providing full customization of the queries to deliver high-value results.
  • Enabling the visualization of intelligence in an easily consumed format.

Comprehensive visibility & intuitive visualizations

Hunter collects data from across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web, and social media to deliver unmatched visibility of threat actor activity.

Data visualizations enable you to understand links and conduct advanced analysis:

  • Visualize any attributes you have identified from within the platform using the graph workspace.
  • Easily add information to the graph, change the shape, view metadata, and upload/download graphs to other platforms. 
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Fast, focused cyber investigation

Focus your investigation using a simple and intuitive search engine. You can search for over 30 different attributes and keywords across multiple sources (either individually or together).

  • Link data from Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and Social Media sources and easily move between them.
  • Search the Constella Data Lake™ to access 124+ billion compromised identity records.
  • Conduct a bulk search, identify related searches, view your search history and investigate domain exposure.

“With Hunter, we uncovered the real identity of a bad actor that led us to a criminal group selling credentials from our financial institution in a matter of hours, saving us +$100M from identifying fraudulent credit cards.”

– Top 5 Global Bank

Password pivoting

Improve real identification by identifying additional accounts using passwords collected from breaches.

Malicious scores

Use ML-produced scoring of entities associated with malicious breaches to gain context into how malicious search terms might be.

Total privacy

Completely protect searches from outside detection using our proprietary encryption methods—not even our teams can view which searches are conducted


Configure Hunter to provide proxies to obfuscate your cyber investigation, and use strong audit capabilities to monitor what searches are conducted.

Cyber Investigations FAQ

Answers to a few of the questions you may have about Cyber Investigations.

An effective cyber investigations software provides a platform for analysts that allows them to view multiple sources of data in one place, visualize the data in a meaningful way, and combine this data with other information in order to save time and effort.

Your brand faces a seemingly endless array of threats: Malicious domains, impersonation profiles, counterfeit products, exposed intellectual property, and even disgruntled insiders. 

An effective Brand Protection Software gives you the critical visibility you need to respond quickly and effectively to threats and take down fraudulent, harmful or malicious content before it can impact your relationship with your customers.

Your Brand Protection solution should provide:

  • ML-Powered Detection of Malicious Domains
  • Breach Intelligence
  • Insider Risk Detection
  • Social Media Impersonation Algorithms
  • Phishing Campaign Detection
  • Customizable Threat Models
  • Investigations & Attribution of Anonymous Threat Actors
  • Automated Takedown Requests
  • Alerts to cyber threats that have evolved into physical threats to your operations and employees

Brands must take a comprehensive approach to protect your relationship with customers in today’s diverse threat landscape. Most organizations do not have the resources or skillsets to continuously scan your brand’s digital presence. To wit:

  • Siloed data and teams are using isolated technology that doesn’t present a unified view
  • The tools used are not purpose-built for security functions and there is a heavy reliance on manual, ad-hoc monitoring
  • There is not enough staff who are trained to quickly detect and respond threats

Automated monitoring frees up your team from having to devote hours every day manually collecting and analyzing OSINT data. Instead, they can focus on mitigating threats targeting your brand and your customers.

Both terms represent false information that is spread by individuals or groups.

  • Misinformation describes the general spread of false information, whether or not the person knew the information was false.
  • Disinformation is false or inaccurate information that is deliberately framed to be deceptive to those who consume it.

Regardless of the intent, the effect on your brand can be significant. Brand Protection gives you early warning of conversations on Social Media and the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web so you can get in front of fake news and malicious campaigns.

Read our blog: The 5 Dangers of Misinformation & How Disinformation Campaigns are Related

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