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Advanced Identity Monitoring Against Identity Threats

Confidently protect your customer data and brand with advanced identity monitoring services continuously monitoring criminal activity across the surface, deep, and dark web.


Unmatched Scale

The Intelligence API scales to protect hundreds of millions of subscribers for the largest identity theft brands in the world. It generates real-time alerts operating with fully hashed information preserving the privacy and security of your customers.

The Industry’s Largest Curated Data Lake​

Constella curates the largest breach data collection on the planet with over 180 billion attributes and 124 billion breached identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages, comprising massive networks and 10+ years of historical data.

The Most Comprehensive Visibility

Deliver with one single API: surface, deep, and dark web monitoring including botnet infostealers and data brokers. No other vendor in the market can deliver all this sources with one API.

Best User Experience

Constella offers quality, verified, disambiguated and multilanguage alerts allowing you to create flexible policies to control and deliver the best user experience.

A Full Range of Service Options to Offer Your Customers

Six of the top 10 global identity theft providers rely on the Constella Intelligence API to deliver accurate, actionable alerts for their customers. You can offer a range of monitoring services, including:

Deep / Dark Web Monitoring

Detects more than 75+ types of exposed consumer information, such as passwords, bank cards, driver licenses, and SSN/national IDs, with the ability to add more if needed.

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Phishing/Botnet Monitoring

Identifies compromised credentials or personal data harvested by active botnets or phishing campaigns.

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Surface Web Monitoring

Discovers exposed credentials and personal data in social networks, search engines, forums and blogs, file-sharing sites, and source code repositories.

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Account Takeover (ATO) Monitoring

Identifies compromised usernames, emails, passwords, and other credentials used for ATO attacks, including credential stuffing/cracking.

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Domain Monitoring

Identifies exposed business-related data, such as compromised employee credentials, Dun & Bradstreet information, Employee Identification/Tax Identification numbers, and more.

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Data Broker Monitoring and Removal

Identifies and removes consumer information, a critical step in overall cyber hygiene, privacy & protection. Constella's solution allows monitoring the exposure of the provisioned identities in various Data Broker sites. 

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Comprehensive Datasets for Enhanced Protection

Get in-depth insights into potential criminal activity using our proprietary technology that continuously monitors and collects billions of data points across a wide range of sources.

  • One of the largest collections of compromised identities available on the market.
  • Over 180 billion attributes and 124 billion breached identity records.
  • Insights curated from breach data and the surface, deep and dark web.

We Know the Challenges You Face With Dark Web Monitoring

Identity Monitoring on the dark web is becoming a high-value offering that many security and service providers want to add to their portfolio, yet adding these services can be extremely challenging due to several factors:

  • A threat landscape that continuously evolves as threat actors develop innovative techniques to target your customers’ valuable data
  • Insufficient in-house resources, expertise, or technologies to continuously monitor the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web, Social Media, and Data Brokers
  • Onerous data collection, processing, and protection requirements to collect, curate, and analyze massive volumes of data as well as compliance requirements to protect the processed data
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Real-time at Scale Secure Operation

The Intelligence API gives you:

  • Real-time at Scale Alerts. We can securely onboard hundreds of millions of users to alert them in real-time
  • Privacy and Security. We preserve the privacy of your customer using only hashes, we don’t store or operate with PII or clear text identity information which provides a highly secure environment to our customers
  • Built-in legal and regulatory compliance, including SOC 2 and PCI certification and GDPR support, ensuring ethically harvested and processed threat intelligence in full compliance with US Government guidelines

Deliver High-Value, Actionable Alerts to Your Customers

You can deliver accurate, detailed, and timely alerts to your customers as soon as we detect a new exposure with our dark web monitoring tools. The alerts contain the essential information and context your customers need to understand the scope of their exposure and how to respond, including:

  • Detailed descriptions of the compromised data and attribution to specific domain (when possible)
  • Last password characters that allow your customers to recognize the specific exposed password and change it in other systems in the event of password re-use
  • Recommendations for how your customers can respond to reduce their risk to the exposure
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