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Protect Your Users from Identity Theft

Hackers and cybercriminals continually steal consumers’ identities to exploit financial gain, misuse systems, and conduct identity theft attacks. Identity theft is a growing concern that affects individuals and organizations alike. 

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How Constella Intelligence Can Help with Identity Theft and Cyber Threats:

Constella Intelligence offers a suite of powerful tools and APIs designed to tackle this issue head-on. 

We provide comprehensive monitoring of Deep and Dark Web, Surface Web, data broker, and botnet activities to safeguard personal information.

  1. DDW API – Access the Deep and Dark Web API to proactively detect stolen account credentials.
  2. Botnet API – Stay ahead of cybercriminals with our Botnet API, monitoring for suspicious activities.
  3. Data Broker API – Protect your data with our Data Broker API, ensuring it’s not being sold on the black market.
  4. Surface Web API – Monitor the Surface Web for potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Who Benefits from Our Identity Monitoring:

Our clients can offer identity protection services to consumers and employees using our suite of services.

Identity Theft Service Providers

Enhance your offerings with our comprehensive internet monitoring service.

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Cyber Security Vendors

Monitor employees, people of interest, or other data assets with confidence.

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3rd Party Monitoring Services

Expand your offerings and build trust with your customer base.

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Financial Services

Add identity and privacy security features to products like credit cards, rewards, or premium account features.

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Retail and Telco Companies

Elevate user experience by adding identity alerts to your apps.

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Antivirus Vendors

Strengthen your internet security and privacy features.

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Identity Monitoring Use Cases:

  • Identity Theft and Privacy Monitoring Companies – Stay one step ahead in protecting personal information.
  • Brand Loyalty and Engagement Offerings – Build trust and loyalty with your customers.
  • Credit and Financial Wellness Offerings – Empower financial well-being for individuals and businesses.
  • KYC & E-commerce Companies – Ensure regulatory compliance and secure online transactions.
  • Insurance Benefits – Provide added security and peace of mind to your policyholders.

Let us help you stay one step ahead