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Advanced Synthetic Identity Fraud Detection Solutions

Protect Your Organization from Internal and External Identity Risks, Including Synthetic Identity Fraud and Criminal Behaviors, with Precision and Scalability


Uncover Internal and External Identity Synthetic Identity Fraud Risks

Gain the upper hand against criminals and emerging risks to your organizations, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Account Takeover (ATO), New Account Fraud (NAF), and other types of financial fraud. Constella’s Advanced Know Your Employee (KYE), Know Your Business (KYB), and Know Your Supplier/Client solutions uncover internal and external identity risks, including synthetic identities, fraudulent activities, and high-risk behaviors at scale and with unprecedented accuracy and depth.

Defend Against Synthetic Identities and Financial Fraud

Financial institutions and other organizations highly targeted by criminals face increasing vulnerability to sophisticated identity fraud – factors such as expedited Identification & Verification (ID&V) processes, generative AI advances, and slow technological adoption have made it easier for criminals to infiltrate institutions.

To assure data integrity, financial assets, and customer confidence, organizations must adopt advanced technologies and intelligent data sources to detect and prevent synthetic identities and identity fraud risks across internal and external domains before they can be onboarded.

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Comprehensive Identity Risk Detection

Constella’s Advanced KYE and KYB detection solutions leverage the company’s proprietary ID Fusion AI profiling technology and the world’s largest data lake – comprising over 1 trillion recaptured assets from the surface, deep, and dark web – to streamline regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and unmask synthetic identities at scale before they can become a threat.

Advanced Know Your Employee

Continuously monitor for and address potential internal threats stemming from synthetic or fake identities and fraudulent or malicious activities, bolstering organizational security and resilience.

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Advanced Know Your Business, Clients, & Suppliers

Ensure the authenticity and integrity of external relationships, such as supply chain partners and B2B customers and entities, by uncovering synthetic and fake identities as well as risky or criminal activities that may jeopardize organizational security.

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Why Choose Constella’s Advanced KYE and KYB Solutions

The Industry’s Largest Curated Data Lake​

Constella curates the largest breach data collection on the planet with over 180 billion attributes and 124 billion breached identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages, comprising massive networks and 10+ years of historical data.

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ID Fusion

ID Fusion

Connecting identity records across one person

Constella’s proprietary ID Fusion engine connects identity information through billions of relations using private, structured data – enabling organizations to uncover synthetic identities and other identity risks and threats.

Outputs: Actionable Data Insights

Synthetic & Fake Identity Score: Quantify risk associated with each individual based on comprehensive data analysis by ID Fusion.

Malicious Risk Score: Evaluate the likelihood of existing criminal or malicious behavior, aiding in informed decision-making.

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