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Protect your Employees from Compromised Identities and Credentials

Hackers and cybercriminals continually target employee identities and credentials, making compromised identities the top threat.

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How Constella Intelligence Can Help with Domain Monitoring:

Domain Monitoring Services – Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring your domain for potential identity threats and vulnerabilities.

Who Benefits from Domain Monitoring:

Our Domain Monitoring services are invaluable for businesses looking to protect personal information and detect potential identity threats proactively.


Enhance your security posture and provide a trusted brand with robust security and privacy services.

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Build trust, offer low-cost, high-value services, and improve the overall user experience.

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Potential Threats

Identify threats to the enterprise, employees, and customers in advance.

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Domain Monitoring Use Cases:

  • Employee Protection for Enterprises – Safeguard your employees from identity threats.
  • Cyber Security Vendors – Integration with SIEM, XDR, IDT, or Endpoint, VPN solutions.
  • MSSPs – Managed Security Service Providers can offer robust Domain Monitoring services.
  • Payroll, Credit, and Financial Offerings – Focus on providing businesses with comprehensive protection.
  • Third-Party Risk – Gain the ability to monitor both employees and the domain.

Who is Domain Monitoring For?

Whether you’re a channel partner or a direct buyer, Constella Intelligence caters to your needs:

Channel: MSSP, Telco, Cybersecurity Vendors Product Manager – Enhance your product portfolio and security offerings.

Direct: CISO / CSO – As a Chief Information Security Officer or Chief Security Officer, you’re at the forefront of safeguarding your organization.

Let us help you stay one step ahead