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Understand, Detect, and Anticipate Cyber Risk

Continuous monitoring for public sentiment and intent across social media, surface, deep and dark web, domains, email and more to unmask and attribute potential threats and brand abuse.

  • Track activity to proactively identify risks before they turn into cyber threats.
  • Monitors 24/7 to alert on behavior involved in influencing a cyber-attack.
  • Activity-based monitoring to discover unknown risks and threats. 

Defend Against Targeted Attacks

Real-time monitoring and alerts reduces time to detection and takedown to protect against fraudulent activity targeting your brand

  • Reputational risks, malign influence and disinformation campaigns
  • Fake social media accounts and lookalike or suspicious domains
  • Brand abuse and potential phishing attacks

Enhance Visibility with Global Insights

Continuous insights from open-source data collection across 53 languages and 125 countries to ensure your brand reputation, domain, and cyber integrity are protected.

  • Historical and real-time insights into targeted threat actor activity.
  • Continuous monitoring for exposures to new breaches and vulnerabilities.
  • Gain insights into all stages of criminal activity, from planning to attack.

Safeguard your Brand with Actionable Breach Data & Intelligence

Gain real-time insights and intelligence from integrated breach data to avoid reputational damage and bolster customer confidence.

  • Continuous monitoring of surface web data for exposed credentials.
  • Over 100 billion attributes and 25 billion curated identity records.
  • Actionable intelligence to help improve response time.

Threat Intelligence sub-heading content

The threat landscape is constantly changing. As the sophistication of threat actors and their tactics increases, so does the potential of a breach. Constella delivers real-time threat intelligence via insights on exposed corporate identities and domains across the entire threat landscape. We integrate proprietary technology with our team of intelligence analysts to monitor social media and the surface, deep and dark web, to deliver real-time alerts and report on threats targeting your people, your domain, and your digital assets.

Defend Against Targeted Attacks

Quickly automate data collection, research and intelligence to accelerate remediation activities. Easily integrate into existing solutions, including Maltego and Splunk, to process unstructured data and connect the dots to gain additional context on indicators of compromise (IoCs) and TTPs.

Understand and Anticipate Threats

Continuous insights from real-time intelligence collected from proprietary and open data sources across 53 languages and 125 countries, combined with expert analyst insights seamlessly integrated into your security program.

Improve Decision Making Capabilities

  • Empower fast, well-informed decisions using real-time searchable data with real-time alerts and contextual intelligence on malicious actors—including motivational context, capabilities, and IoCs.​
  • Comprehensive insights from Surface to Underground – including hacker, criminal, extremist forums, and invitation-only access.