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Differentiate Your Solution: Add Dark Web Monitoring Without the Development Cost

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There’s no doubt you’ve been offered Dark Web Identity Monitoring through various products and services you’ve purchased or subscribed to—for instance, credit card company or your insurance provider or the credit monitoring service you use may all offer an identity monitoring solution. Despite the ubiquity of the offering, you continue to see providers adding Dark Web Monitoring to their repertoire. A simple Dark Web Identity Monitoring solution is a critical feature of products and services across various industries and is used to remain competitive and relevant. In untapped industries, including those related to personal cyber or home security, Identity Monitoring can become a value-add and differentiator, boosting the provider ahead of their competition. ID Monitoring services can be monetized too, for example, by offering identity monitoring to a premium product tier as an incentive, or by selling a premium identity monitoring solution as a standalone product. A monitoring solution is also a great way to drive additional customer engagement, giving them a reason more frequently visit the provider’s website or portal.

But how do I justify the development cost?

It’s no secret that software development is costly—as the market expects a well-designed, high-performing product with a smooth user experience. Especially if you’re hoping to offer identity monitoring at no additional cost to your users, hiring developers or eating into your existing developers’ cycles can incur a material cost and or cause delays to your release plans. This is where Constella’s Identity Monitoring Widgets come in—implement a robust and powerful identity monitoring solution into your existing customer portal by copy-pasting a snippet of code. From there, through the built-in administration dashboard, simply add your logo and adjust the widget’s color palette to match your website and you’ve successfully and seamlessly added identity monitoring for your customer’s benefit.

How does Constella’s Widget work?



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Constella constantly monitors all corners of the Internet for published breach packages and meticulously verifies and validates this data and curates it into the industry’s largest data lake of 66 billion exposed identity records, comprised of over 150 billion individual data attributes. Our curation process includes normalizing and classifying over 200 different attribute types, meaning we deliver more than just exposed credentials, and extend to exposed PII and additional data to create an incredibly comprehensive and actionable data set perfectly suited for a premium identity monitoring product. Until now, an identity theft protection provider could only access this data lake via our API.

Constella has built a suite of feature-rich identity monitoring widgets that handles all the heavy lifting, including implementation of Constella’s APIs, which drive the monitoring solution. The user interface we’ve designed allows your customer to opt-in for monitoring, enter data to be monitored such as a email addresses, telephone numbers, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers and credit card numbers, etc….

From there, the widget securely passes along those details to the Constella API to create a monitored user on the system and pushes all historical alerts pertaining to the user back to them. As long as the member chooses to remain enrolled in monitoring, Constella will continue to monitor for new exposures of the user’s details and display them on the widget’s dashboard view.

Clicking on a specific alert will display the alert details, which includes a description of how the user’s data was exposed and a recommendation on how they can remediate the issue.

Why Constella?

Constella Intelligence is the foremost expert in breached data collection, validation, and curation. Our data lake of over 66 billion exposed identity records contains meticulously verified data that ensures correct attribution of the data loss source, authenticity of the data found and confidence that the alerts you pass along to your end-users are actionable and relevant. With a focus that goes far beyond notifications of password exposures, Constella’s identity monitoring service drives immense value for the end-user with coverage of a broad set of attributes that paints a comprehensive picture of the digital risks the user faces. Differentiate your solution today with Dark Web Identity Monitoring from the industry leader—now available via an easy-to-implement widget.

If you’re ready to protect your assets, your customers, or employees from the depths of the dark web, request a demo of Constella’s Identity Monitoring widget today.

Deliver new monitoring services to your customers using the Constella Intelligence API.