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Announcing the Constella Connect Partner Program

Constella Connect Partner Program

New Constella Intelligence Program Provides Partners Access to Digital Risk Protection Solutions

As cybercrime continues to rise, especially in underground markets, companies and their digital assets are more at risk than ever. Data breaches compromise millions of accounts every year, and billions of exposed credentials circulate and recirculate in underground communities.

Service providers now require the ability to rapidly detect their customers’ compromised credentials in those underground communities before bad actors can access and exploit them for financial gain.

Our partners are constantly being challenged to increase the value they deliver to customers while protecting customer data. Swiftly notifying customers of compromised information and external threats can ultimately save companies millions of dollars in expense from breaches.

Today, I’m excited to share two announcements – the launch of Constella Connect Partner Program (CCPP) for MSSPs, MSPs, and MDRs; and a new product release purpose-built for the channel. The CCPP program helps our partners deliver increased customer value through access to our suite of digital risk protection solutions, which includes the most extensive data lake of breached credentials on the planet.

Constella Domain Monitoring enables our partners to automate dark web monitoring for leaked customer credentials relating to a specific domain.

With Constella Domain Monitoring, partners can:

  • Quickly identify any existing exposed customer credentials to help shut down potential attacks before they occur or contain the damage during an active attack.
  • Receive real-time alerts for any new exposures & automatically generate reports to share the impact with customers.
  • Identify potential gaps in a customers’ security strategy to strengthen their security posture to prevent future attacks.
  • Help customers demonstrate compliance by adding requirements to protect their credentials from misuse.

Digital transformation, while ripe with benefits, leaves consumer and business data at risk of relentless targeting by hackers and cybercriminals. It is our goal to help our partners prevent these threats from affecting the welfare of their businesses.

Interested in joining the Constella Connect Partner Program or checking out Constella Domain Monitoring?

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By Brian Laing, Vice President of Business Development at Constella Intelligence