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Protect Thousands of Employees & Executives with Dome

We are pleased to announce that Constella Intelligence has released Dome Employee Protection and Dome Executive Protection, the first modules from our new Dome platform. Dome Employee Protection and Dome Executive Protection allow organizations to continuously assess and monitor all employees and executives for external digital risks, such as compromised corporate credentials and exposed personal information. Threat actors use this exposed data to cause supply chain attacks, account takeovers (ATO), ransomware, and executive impersonations, causing costly business disruptions and affecting market value.

All Employees and Executives are Targets

One of the main challenges that companies face is how to protect all their employees from these external digital risks, and not just a few of them (such as C-level employees, board members, executives, or key employees). Traditionally, companies must choose which employees, executives, or VIPs to protect, guessing who the bad actors would target, because of manual processes, siloed technologies, and limited budgets. And, with digital transformation initiatives and the massive shift to remote work after COVID struck, employees in almost every department and at almost every level of an organization now have access to critical systems or sensitive data, making them all legitimate targets.

Limited Visibility of External Risks

Today, traditional approaches to protecting your organization from external threats are no longer valid–too many cyber-attacks are succeeding using weaponized corporate and personal information. Most organizations have no understanding of their employees’ digital footprints, and therefore don’t know the risks–they don’t know what information is exposed, where it is, how long it’s been there, and if employee data is already in the hands of threat actors on the Dark Web.

Compromised Credentials Are The #1 Attack Vector

According to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, compromised credentials are the most common initial attack vector for data breaches. And to make it worse, breaches caused by compromised credentials also have the longest lifespan of any initial attack vector, taking 341 days to discover and contain, with an average cost of USD 4.4 million/ EUR 3.8 million.

Cybercriminals can execute their automated attacks at scale and target all your employees. For example, once they have access to a corporate email, no matter if it belongs to an intern, they can leverage it to launch an attack with a very high probability of success. Threat actors are targeting all levels of employees and achieving success.

You Don’t Have to Choose Which Few to Protect

So, it is especially important to extend the traditional approach of executive protection to your whole organization. As an analogy, protecting just a few people is like monitoring just one subnet of your whole network infrastructure. Clearly, that selective approach is not sufficient for securing your network, because bad actors can penetrate your network using many potential entry points across multiple subnets. Like your network, you can’t protect your business by only mapping and monitoring the digital footprints of a few employees.

Protect Thousands of Employees and Executives

For this reason, at Constella we have developed a unique solution to protect all your employees and executives at scale, being able to monitor in almost real-time any digital threat that happens on the Surface, Deep Web and Dark Web, and Social Media. Dome combines the incredible capabilities of our proven proprietary technologies with an easy-to-use interface that gives any organization a single dashboard to monitor and protect all their employees and executives, not just a select few.

With Dome you will be able to:

  • Detect exposed credentials from data breaches as they happen. We own the largest data lake of exposed credentials in the industry, and you will receive real-time alerts when we discover any credentials and personal information exposed because of data breaches.
  • Monitor the social media space to discover fake profiles and know when there are impersonating your employees and executives, as well as initiate takedown of those profiles to remediate future threats.
  • Identify personal information that is in the hands of Data Brokers, companies that are aggregating personal information. This information is traditionally weaponized for cybercriminals as the origin of the criminal chain–they use these sites to search your employee’s names and find personal information such as emails (personal and professional), phone numbers, physical addresses, and so forth.
  • Discover exposures on malicious and underground sites of the Internet, also known as the Dark Web, without being an expert. At Constella we have a dedicated team of experts with more than 20 years of experience researching cyber-threats and discovering new data sources to monitor. For example, we have identified hundreds of sites and channels whose main objective is to sell, trade, or exchange personal information (such as stolen passports, driver licenses, personal addresses, etc.) for use in more sophisticated attacks like impersonation, spear-phishing and blackmailing attacks.
  • Detect social media threats from account hijacking to reputational attacks, as well as conversations that evolve from benign to potentially malicious.
  • Operationalize your external threat information. The Dome platform seamlessly integrates with your existing provisioning systems, such as Active Directory, security tools, and response workflows, improving the effectiveness of your current systems and processes.
  • Prioritize your analysis and response. The Dome dashboard aggregates and prioritizes risks for all the people in your organization you are protecting, as well as the individual risk profiles for everyone, so you can address the most important threats or risks first.
  • Take Down and Remove your exposed personal information from the Internet, including websites and social media profiles that are impersonating you, as well as personal data monetized by data brokers.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not realize the scope of their external digital risks until an attack occurs. With Dome, you get global visibility of your organization’s digital footprint, enabling you to mitigate those risks before they disrupt your business.

To see for yourself how Dome’s automated monitoring and analysis, combined with its unmatched scalability, can protect all your employees and executives from external threats—request a demo.

Want to know your individual identity exposure on the Surface, Deep, or Dark Web? Our free risk assessment report will tell you in 60 seconds.

Constella Dome Launch Announcement – Press Release