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Constella and Social Links Join Forces to Deliver Transformative OSINT Solutions

March 25, 2024[1]  — Social Links, a leading developer of open-source intelligence (OSINT) software, has announced a strategic partnership with Constella Intelligence, a prominent identity signals provider. This collaboration marks a milestone in the investigative reach of both Social Links’ solutions and the OSINT industry at large.

Social Links has always understood the crucial role that darknet data plays in increasing the reach and scope of investigative work. By integrating Constella Intelligence’s leading-edge identity intelligence with a powerful OSINT platform, users will be able to conduct investigations that search wider and deeper. This will lead to more insights and leads, higher levels of success, and, most importantly, contribute to digital and global safety.

Social Links CEO, Ivan Shkvarun, reiterated the transformative potential this partnership brings. “We’ve always strived to provide our users with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date data. And our new collaboration with Constella Intelligence shows that we are really expanding horizons and giving investigators, prosecutors, and security professionals the invaluable edge they need to resolve their cases.”

As prominent specialists in digital risk protection and providers of data from diverse sources, Constella Intelligence brings immense expertise and advanced technologies to the partnership. Their specialized techniques and tools to extract data from the Deep and Dark Web can deliver the data that case breakthroughs are made of.

Constella Intelligence’s available resources include data that can’t be found through Surface Web domains. Used responsibly, such information can be instrumental in investigative work, case-building and evidence collection, as well as a range of cybersecurity objectives, such as exposure identification or incident response. 

Constella Intelligence CEO, Kevin Senator expressed enthusiasm for the partnership’s potential to drive significant innovation in the field of intelligence software: “The innovative, forward-thinking solutions of Social Links are the perfect counterpart to our mission to deliver the most complete, reliable data possible. This synergy has the potential to bring something truly groundbreaking to the OSINT landscape, revolutionize investigative work, and make the world a safer place.”

About Social Links

Social Links is a leading open-source intelligence (OSINT) provider, bringing together data from 500+ sources covering social media, messengers, blockchains, and the Dark Web. The company’s ML-powered solutions facilitate data-driven investigations for law enforcement, national security, cybersecurity, due diligence, and more.

About Constella Intelligence offers comprehensive identity protection solutions that leverage deep and dark web intelligence to provide actionable insights. Our solution integrates seamlessly with existing security systems and prioritizes data security through compliance with industry standards. With the world’s largest breach database, containing over Trillion data attributes and 200 billion Identity records in 125+ countries and over 53 languages, Constella sets the standard in data depth and security. Our expertise in OSINT investigations provides critical insights into digital footprints, offering a decisive edge in protecting and securing your data. Ready for a secure future? Reach out to Constella today and stay one step ahead of digital threats.