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Constella Launches Phishing & Botnet Protection Service

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Today Constella Intelligence introduced Phishing and Botnet Protection, a new service for its OEM data partners. This new resource delivers rapid alerts to our customers whose credentials and personal information have been compromised in phishing or botnet attacks.

Phishing, malware, and botnets are all terms we hear or read about frequently. Individuals are being targeted by these threats every whether the intent is to steal consumers’ identity information or employees’ corporate credentials to access enterprise systems and data.
Although the techniques vary, the desired outcome is the same—the harvesting of credentials and personal information that threat actors can monetize on the Dark Web, and/or weaponize to commit fraud, account takeover, impersonation, identity theft, and other cybercrimes.

Phishing attacks are malicious communications, such as an email or text, disguised as a message from a trusted individual or organization. The goal is to trick users into revealing personal or sensitive information, including usernames and passwords. Once they have this information, cybercriminals can access devices, bank accounts, and other resources to commit fraud or identity theft.

Botnet attacks occur when a device becomes infected with credential-stealing malware. Once installed on a victim’s device (phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device connected to the internet), the malware is designed to identify and steal a wide range of personal data, passwords, and logins, without the user’s knowledge.

Data harvested by phishing and botnet attacks is typically logged on a device or on a server and then used to gain access to other devices, to further spread the attack, steal more data, and augment the content of these logs.

Using our proprietary technology, we can recapture these logs of stolen data, extract and normalize the log content to identify the victims, and then alert any of our customers who have been subject to such an attack.

As Javelin’s 2021 Identity Fraud Study notes, consumers experienced a massive uptick in fraud losses linked directly to scams primarily perpetuated through digital channels such as email, text, and social media platforms. Overall identity fraud losses reported by consumers in late 2020 totaled $56 billion, with $43 billion of those losses attributed to scams.

Today, there are tools identifying and flagging malicious emails, SMS, and fraudulent social media. But what happens to those who slip through the cracks? What happens to the consumer or employee who clicked on a link or responded to a text that was not flagged prior to the attack getting mitigated? This is where Constella Intelligence’s new capability comes in.

Constella Intelligence can identify credentials and other personal information at the time they are stolen in these attacks. This enables us to alert users prior to the stolen data being sold on the Dark Web and weaponized or abused.

With the Constella Phishing and Botnet Protection, our OEM data partners can offer a new high-value capability to their Identity Protection customers. Being able to deliver actionable, high-impact alerts that enable their customers to know when their credentials have been harvested will strengthen the value of their offering and increase market differentiation.

The new Phishing and Botnet Protection service is a valuable complement to our comprehensive Identity Protection suite covering Deep and Dark Web, Surface, Domain, and Password monitoring capabilities.

To learn more about Constella’s Phishing and Botnet Protection service, Contact Us.

Read the official press release.

Jason Wagner

Jason Wagner

VP, Identity Intelligence Product

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