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Constella Partners with Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) in First Annual Darkwebathon

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The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) will host their first annual Darkwebathon from December 6-10, a 5-day virtual hackathon event with the goal of investigating data from the Darkweb and uncovering actionable intelligence that can be used to effectively handle real-world cases involving crimes on the Darkweb. This program will bring industry data experts together to equip law enforcement and federal officials with fact-based content to address the highly challenging and dynamic nature of cybercrimes in human trafficking, modern slavery, and child sex abuse material.

The Darkwebathon will utilize ATII’s licensed dark web platform, Hades, by having over 300 registered event participants competing to identify and profile potential traffickers. “In 2021, ATII has had tremendous success in mapping out organized criminal networks on the darkweb in addition to attributing cryptocurrency data in blockchain forensics applications and allowing cryptocurrency companies to map out their exposure to these darkweb entities.” said Larry Cameron, CISO of ATII. “We have uncovered and triaged a significant amount of data within the application and are now for a limited time allowing the public to assist with the investigations.” Outside of the event, ATII uses Hades in a much larger capacity as a way to detect child exploitation, CSAM, drugs, weapons, fraud, mixers/washers, money laundering or other illicit activity – in addition to human trafficking.

“This hackathon is critical in helping law enforcement agencies navigate the Darkweb for cybercrime,” said Aaron Kahler, Founder & CEO of ATII. “Our event allows participants to identify and profile potential traffickers, providing law enforcement agencies with real and actionable intelligence.

Those participating are from crypto exchanges, NGOs, BitATM, law enforcement, and members of academia. In addition to hundreds of participants, there are 14 sponsorship partners, many of which are industry leaders such as Constella Intelligence, a global leader in Digital Risk Protection, safeguarding 30M+ global users at some of the world’s largest organizations.

“We are proud to be an inaugural sponsor of the Darkwebathon,” said Constella Intelligence CEO, Kailash Ambwani. “This program provides Constella the opportunity to work with industry leaders and law enforcement, creating a united front in the fight against human trafficking issues on the dark web.”

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