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Data Broker Monitoring and Removal

Identifying and removing this consumer information is a critical step in overall cyber hygiene, privacy & protection. Constella’s data broker monitoring solution allows monitoring the exposure of the provisioned identities in a wide variety of Data Broker sites. 

Who Are Data Brokers? Data brokers are companies specialized in collecting personal data (web browsing activities, geolocation, political beliefs, etc.) from different sources, and selling or licensing such information to third parties for a variety of purposes.

Data brokers typically collect, manipulate, and share information about consumers without interacting directly with them. Consumers are largely unaware that data brokers are engaging in these practices.

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How Do Data Brokers Collect Information?

How do data brokers collect information?

Data brokers typically aggregate information through what’s publicly available on the internet and by buying it from other organizations. Common avenues for data sourcing are social media sites, public records, loyalty cards, online account setup, and mobile applications.  

  • Credit cards: Credit card networks sell user information
  • Web browser cookies: Cookies are small text files that track and store your information as you browse the web.  
  • Public records: Marriage licenses, arrest records, voter registrations, motor vehicle records, census data, and bankruptcy records. 
  • Retailers: Both brick-and-mortar and online merchants collect, track, and share your information. 
  • Mobile apps: Mobile apps will gather information like email, phone, DOB, GPS location, sex, weight, interests, etc., and pass those details to data brokers.

Other data sources include banks, insurance agencies, telecom companies, other data brokers, surveys, and sweepstakes.

How Data Broker Monitoring & Removal Works

  • Identifying and removing this information is a critical step in overall cyber hygiene, privacy protection.
  • Constella’s solution allows monitoring the exposure of the provisioned identities in a wide variety of Data Broker sites. 
  • When a consumer is enrolled into the system, we perform periodical scans to notify the customers every time their information is being collected.
  • The following assets could be monitored: 
  • namesurnameemailphoneaddress, and dobThey are sent to us in encrypted text.
  • The monitoring tool also offers the functionality to automatically remove all the information stored in the different sources.
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Monitor 50+ Sites

Monitor your personal information on more than 40+ data brokers and people search sites which are collecting personal information massively. ​

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Removal Service

Individuals are re-exposed 2-3 times a year on sites they delete their information from. In average a person is exposed on over 20+ of these dangerous sites ​

Information collected by data brokers

  • Full name
  • Home address (and previous addresses)
  • Telephone number
  • Email addresses
  • Age and gender
  • Nationality
  • Income
  • Education 
  • Net worth
  • Devices used
  • Etc.
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