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Domain Exposure Monitoring for Partners | Datasheet​

Detect and Mitigate Domain Threats

Monitor Domain Monitoring Domain Monitoring datasheet

The Need to Monitor the Dark Web

Data breaches compromise millions of accounts every year, and exposed credentials continue to recirculate in underground communities. The challenge you face as a service provider is rapidly detecting the presence of your customers’ compromised credentials in those underground communities, before bad actors can use them.

Constella’s Domain Monitoring allows you to automate the monitoring of the dark web for your customers’ credentials, eliminating hours of manual investigation. You can quickly identify any existing exposed credentials as well as any new exposures.

This real-time insight enables your customers to block the use of compromised credentials before cyber criminals can use them in an attack.

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Understand the scope of any exposed domain data with comprehensive alerts.


  • Differentiated offering

    Protect your customers’ people, assets, and brand.

  • Build pipeline

    Leverage the largest data lake of social and dark web activity on the planet to create premium assessment and monitoring services.

  • Increase MRR

    Create new monitoring customers with assessment findings.

  • Tangible results

    Reduce your customers’ exposure to losses and regulatory penalties related to credential theft and account take over (ATO).


  • Reduce potential damage

    Identify compromised credentials quickly before bad actors can exploit them.

  • Strengthen defenses

    Discover gaps in your security posture and prevent future attacks.

  • Mitigate damage during an attack

    Use actionable information to identify and block malicious activity to contain the damage during an active attack.

  • Compliance

    Document the measures taken to protect internal credentials, PII, and other regulated or sensitive data.

Deliver the Digital Risk Protection Your Customers Need

Get access to the same digital risk protection solutions powerful enough for government agencies and high-net-worth individuals to deliver high-value services to your customers.

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Detect and mitigate domain threats for any size organization in one easy-to-use dashboard.


Constella scans open web sources, underground forums, and remote corners of the deep and dark web to collect the industry’s most accurate and diverse collection of identity records.


Rely on continuously indexed data harvested from known and unknown breaches. The curation process removes duplicate and fake credentials, verifies the data with calculated risk scores and normalizes it for accurate reporting.


Accelerate your ability to detect and mitigate the risk of compromised credentials. Constella’s proven monitoring and ML-powered analytics deliver actionable insights that integrate with your security stack, eliminating time-consuming, manual processes.


We continuously monitor and analyze billions of breached identity records to provide real-time visibility of threats before damage can occur.

Let us help you stay one step ahead