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Differentiate your ALERT! Introducing Exposed Identity Score

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I recently hit submit on my laptop as I was applying for an Apple card and moments later, my phone began to vibrate as expected. I subscribe to a few Identity Theft services and receive many alerts over the course of a month, including credit score changes, credit alerts, breach alerts, and the infamous sex offender alert. As the pandemic continued, two trends emerged: the digital footprint expanded for individuals, and the criminals attacked all vectors continually.

Like many other customers of Identity services, I quickly became overwhelmed with breach alerts over the course of each month, as my data was identified repeatedly. This trend is continuing even as the pandemic shows signs of slowing down.

Just as significant breaches are commonplace in the news — Cit0Day, Colonial Pipeline, FaceBook, and SolarWinds, to name a few — it is seemingly more common for individuals who are subscribed to Identity Theft services to become inundated with alerts that their information has been exposed, or in many cases, receive a letter/email stating they have been exposed via corporate and are eligible for such services.

Years ago, the mega-breaches (e.g., Target) were far less frequent than today, and so were the number of dark web alerts sent by providers. In today’s digital life & breach news era, breach alerts are expected, to an extent.

There is so much noise these days, it’s hard to find the “signal.” As the landscape of the digital era evolves, the need to provide better insight into signals and data to end consumers becomes more critical. Not all breach alerts are equal. The use of AI and scoring is a must-have in today’s environment, as the quantity of data being traded & sold increases along with the type of data being made available, which requires companies to review this at scale with efficiency to improve user experience and value.

Constella is proud to use our AI to better empower our partners to eliminate the noise of alerts by creating actionable steps to each alert and providing an exposed identity score for each alert.

The score will allow our partners to provide insights to their customers or create customized workflows based on the potential risk – what actions are required and the urgency around these actions. The exposed identity score indicates the level of risk for each alert by analyzing a combination of the type of exposed attributes, the category of the site the data was leaked from, and the freshness of the data.

The score will help partners provide a more intimate white-glove service to their customers at ‘scale.’ It will offer a more concise insight into the customers’ alert, letting them know if they should snooze the alert for later or open it and take immediate action. And best of all, it’s available with select offerings at no additional cost. To learn more about how to add Exposed Identity Score to your portfolio contact your contact your account manager.

This is just one of the many ways Constella is empowering our partners to safeguard their customers in the digital era!

By Jason Wagner, VP of Identity Intelligence at Constella Intelligence