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Constella Partner Program

The Constella Identity Threat Intelligence Partner Program arms your customers with real-time threat detection and actionable intelligence.

Arm your customers with real-time threat detection and actionable intelligence.

Constella is Channel Driven

We are committed to our partners delivering digital risk protection to the market through our network of service and solution providers. Our team of intelligence community analysts, infosec pioneers, and channel partners collaborate toward a single mission: to disrupt cyber-enabled crime at the source – the individuals behind the attacks.

Partner with Constella to:

  • Search and Monitor Across Multiple Threat Vectors
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  • Accelerate Customer Acquisition
  • Stand Out from the Competition

We Service All Partner Models​

Find the best fit for your business so you can spend more time focusing on developing our business.

Multi-tenant platform provides advanced cybersecurity monitoring and support your customers rely on so they can focus on operating their business. 

Enhance the value of your threat protection service with cutting edge cybersecurity technology powered by the most extensive breach and social data collection on the planet.

Leverage the industry’s largest database of compromised identities and exposed PII to deliver actionable alerts to your customers.

Complement your security solution stack with our unique Dome platform, or resell to your customer, to enable actionable risk intelligence and takedowns.

Why Partner with Constella?​

As a Constella partner, you will have the power to remediate customers’ digital risk before it impacts their employees, brand, and bottom line.

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Helping Our Partners Serve Their Customers​

Deliver the best-in-class digital risk protection tools to your clients.

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Identity Monitoring

Identity Monitoring

Retain customers with Constella’s clear, accurate, and actionable alerts that deliver value in every communication, instead of low-value alerts that increase operational overhead.
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Domain Monitoring

Domain Monitoring

Detect your customers’ compromised business credentials on the Deep/Dark Web before bad actors can weaponize them and disrupt operations.
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Account Takeover

Account Takeover

Identify high-risk credentials and attributes in real-time transactions (such as new account requests), before threat actors get in the door.
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Score Enrichment

Score Enrichment

Improve accuracy of digital onboarding, KYC of new accounts, and employee insider risk assessments.
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Professional Services

Professional Services

Ongoing Dome Administration, Monitoring as a service, Compliance training, Remediation and Take Down, Scheduled or On-Demand Reporting.

Learn more about the Constella Connect Partner Program

Strategic Partners - Making the World a Safer Place

ANti Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

ATII is pioneering a change in the approach to trafficking collaboration by disrupting the operations, economics and anonymity of Human Trafficking at the source. By partnering with economic gatekeepers such as financial institutions we can intervene in criminal access to financial markets, inhibiting the ability in which traffickers exploit the vulnerabilities of our society.

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance

INSA is the leading nonpartisan, nonprofit trade association for driving public-private partnerships to advance intelligence and national security priorities.
Wordl Economic Forum

World Economic Forum – Centre for Cybersecurity

WEF created the Partnership against Cybercrime initiative to address the global challenge posed by cybercrime by exploring ways to amplify public-private cooperation against this crime. The group's approach was not only to understand the challenges, but also to design forward-looking and action-oriented solutions.
Cyber Defense Alliance

Cyber Defence Alliance

CDA enables banks to share information and experiences with each other on tactics employed by cybercrime groups to target the financial sector.

National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance

The National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) is a non-profit corporation focused on identifying, mitigating, and disrupting cyber crime threats globally, allowing private industry and government to work together in a neutral, trusted environment.

Anti-Phishing Working Group

APWG is the international coalition unifying the global response to cybercrime across industry, government and law-enforcement sectors and NGO communities.
Shadow Server


Shadowserver Foundation is a nonprofit security organization that gathers and analyzes data on malicious Internet activity and works with law enforcement organizations around the world in investigations to combat fraud and other cybercrimes.
aspen institute

Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute is a global nonprofit organization committed to realizing a free, just, and equitable society. It drives change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the most important challenges facing the world.