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Phishing and Botnet Monitoring Datasheet – Alert Your Customers in Real-Time to New Identity Alerts

Detect Exfiltrated Credentials and Personal Data Before It’s Weaponized

Phishing and Botnet Monitoring is critical because phishing campaigns and botnet attacks continue to harvest millions of individuals’ login credentials and personal information every year. These threats supply bad actors with valuable data they can weaponize themselves or sell to another cybercriminal.

Unfortunately, your customers don’t know that they have been victims of these attacks and their data has been exposed until weeks or months later. This delay gives bad actors the freedom they need to use the harvested data without detection.

For your customers to have a fighting chance against data theft, account takeover (ATO) and identity theft, they need to be alerted to their exposure as soon as their credentials and personal information have been stolen.

Early Warning System for Stolen Credentials and Personal Data

Constella Phishing and Botnet Protection is a unique service that enables you to alert your customers in real-time when their account credentials or personal data has been harvested, and before that stolen information appears on the Dark Web:

Phishing Protection: Our proprietary technology detects your customers’ data after it has been collected by phishing campaigns. Phishing attacks, delivered through mail, text or voice messages, social media, or mobile apps, trick victims into divulging account credentials and personal information.

Botnet Protection: Our proprietary monitoring technology detects your customers’ compromised credentials and personal information as sooon as it has been collected by the botnet malware. Credential-stealing malware searches for a wide range of data on infected systems, including usernames and passwords, crypocurrency wallets, autofill data (including personal and usiness account information), and files with specific keywords and extensions.


  • Stand Out

    Deliver a unique service that protects your customers’ data and brand.

  • Increase MRR

    Add Phishing and Botnet Protection to existing customers to increase MRR.

  • Build Pipeline

    Attract new customs with premium monitoring services built around


  • Accelerate Response

    Identify exfiltrated credentials and data immediately, minimizing potential for financial loss.

  • Reduce Potential for Damage

    Reset passwords for compromised accounts before damage occurs.

  • Provide Unique Visibility

    Your customers will know immediately when they have been victims of an attack.

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