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Surface Web Monitoring

Surface Web Monitoring offers comprehensive risk protection against exposed identities, domains, and data leaks across the web.

The vast amount of data available on the Surface Web for search engines and other data aggregators to index is growing exponentially—making it difficult for you to stay on top of the latest security threats.

And while it is only the tip of the iceberg, the Surface Web, with its billions of data points and vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited, is increasingly valuable to bad actors to be used in social engineering, phishing attacks, and other cybercrimes.

So, how do you remove the noise and detect leaked information? The answer is Surface Web Monitoring.

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Social Media

Continuous data collection from thousands of social media networks

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News Sites

Detection of mis/disinformation, negative brand sentiment and unauthorized content.

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Detection of fraud, hostile conversations, unauthorized content and brand abuse

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Search Engines

Detection of fraudulent websites, counterfeit products or services or malicious domains indexed by search engines

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And It Can Get Even Harder​

Cybercriminals are not likely to leave any tracks on the Surface Web, restricting the range of information you can gather on their nefarious activities.

Manual information-gathering activities, trying to close security loopholes before criminals exploit them, are exhausting. Every one of your external-facing assets gives attackers one more way to breach your organization. And long before you can detect it, any area of your digital footprint can get leaked online.

Your or your customer’s sensitive information leaked on the Surface Web becomes a vulnerability for cybercriminals to exploit before you can mount a successful defense.

How do you protect your customer’s sensitive and personal data?

How Does Surface Web Work?

Surface Web Monitoring Sources are periodically scanned for non-public and public customer data. The
service sends alerts when non-public and public customer data has been found on the public web.


Scans for Sensitive and Non-
Sensitive data daily.

The Observatory crawls the web and scans for Non-Sensitive data daily. The data is processed and saved to a
dedicated data lake.

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Scans for Sensitive and Non-Sensitive data daily.

The Constella repository of cataloged data from posts to text storage sites
of sensitive and non-sensitive data.

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Search Engine API

Scans non-sensitive data monthly.

The Search Engine API scans for non-sensitive data. The data is processed
and analyzed for relevant matches.

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See Surface Web
Monitoring in Action

The Constella Intelligence API is your best solution for Surface Web monitoring. Add it to your intelligence arsenal and prevent identity data from falling into the wrong hands in all Web locations.

It has the most comprehensive, accurate collection of curated identity breach data on the planet, with over 180 billion attributes and 124 billion breached identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages.

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