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The New Identity Risk AI Model

Constella 2.0

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, Constella transcends its role as a data company, revolutionizing Identity Risk through cutting-edge AI-driven intelligence. The new AI model leverages Constella’s vast repository of greater than one trillion assets to protect Identity Theft and assess Identity Risk.  

From a Massive Data Lake into an Intelligence Risk Graph 

Constella has transformed its extensive identity data lake, sourced from various internet domains, including the Dark Web and social media, into a sophisticated risk intelligence graph that gathers all the different exposed information from a person through 15 years of activity, providing a complete Surface of Attack and comprehensive Risk Profile. 

A New Era of Identity Theft Protection: AI-Driven Scam Simulations 

As the leader in Digital Identity Theft monitoring, Constella focuses on proactive defense mechanisms against identity theft by scanning underground communities for unauthorized information exposure.  

This new phase introduces an advanced AI model designed to produce simulated hyper-targeted and customized identity scams, serving as a crucial educational and awareness tool. Constella aims to train and educate consumers about potential cyber-attacks by simulating real attacks from a criminal’s perspective. 

Each compromised identity in the hands of criminals represents a potential vulnerability that targeted identity attacks will exploit. The new AI-driven simulations mimic those attacks, building a human firewall to protect themselves in the digital world better. 

An Investigation Copilot to Reveal Bad Actors  

Constella’s data lake also powers fraud, law enforcement OSINT investigation teams Uncover bad actors and insiders with unparalleled depth, enabling a new level of scrutiny in the fight against cyber threats. 

With Constella’s AI model, investigators now have access to an AI Copilot that automates the investigation and assessment of potential bad actors on an unprecedented scale. The actual process of pivoting, finding new data, reviewing, and pivoting again is now done by the Copilot, gaining great efficiency for the investigators. 

Monitoring Identity Risk at Scale to Protect from Fraud 

Leveraging Constella’s data lake with a rich digital history spanning 15 years, the new Constella AI automatically assesses millions of identities, offering fraud teams a powerful new tool to combat online fraud.    

Key applications include: 

Screening at Onboarding (KYC): Identifying and preventing onboarding of bad actors and risky profiles using 15 years of user activity history while preserving privacy. 

Detection of Synthetic Identities: Simulating and scoring the risk of new onboarded users being fake or fabricated. 

Automatic Monitoring of Potential Insiders: Vigilantly tracking organizational activities to promptly identify and address insider threats. 

A Company Transformation into an Intelligence Powerhouse 

The leap from a data-centric company to an intelligence-focused organization marks a significant milestone for Constella. The automation of AI Identity Resolution, coupled with Identity Theft scam generation provided by Generative AI Large Language Models, enables the creation of thorough attack surfaces and customized scam simulations to protect and educate users.  This transition reflects a significant evolution in the fight against cybercrime. Constella, now an intelligence hub, is a testament to innovation’s power in creating a safer digital world. 

Stay informed and prepared. In the digital age, knowledge is not just power but protection.