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The Return of Emotet and What Can Be Done

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Recent reports indicate that Emotet, one of the most dangerous and long-lasting malware Trojans, has returned after international law enforcement agencies coordinated a takedown of its botnet infrastructure.

Researchers believe that Emotet is reconstructing its infrastructure with the help of the TrickBot botnet. Emotet still comes via rigged Office or zip files, often with other malware that establishes the command-and-control conduit to the attacker, according to a recent story from Dark Reading.

“Emotet long had been a key weapon in ransomware and data-theft cybercrime and was responsible for the explosion of targeted ransomware over the past three years,” said Herro Zoutendijk, Regional Director EMEA at Constella Intelligence. “To protect yourself, identify compromised credentials and hosts quickly and remediate.”

The threat of cybercrime, specifically ransomware, is not disappearing anytime soon and the influx of reported data breaches indicates a concerning trend. The reemergence of Emotet, is a clear sign that organizations must take proactive cybersecurity actions to better protect the sensitive data of employees and executives, safeguard critical infrastructure, and reduce cyber risk.

As threat actors continue to ramp up malicious activity against individuals and businesses, it’s imperative that counter actions are taken in response to this rise in cybercrime.

Constella’s Solution

Constella Dome Employee and Executive Protection enables organizations to identify and respond faster to digital risks, such as compromised credentials or leaked confidential data, because it continuously monitors thousands of proprietary and public data sources across the social, surface, deep, and dark web. Constella’s data lake contains over 100 billion attributes and 45 billion curated identity records, the largest in the industry, and the Dome platform provides external digital risk visibility across 53 languages and 125 countries.

With Dome, organizations can leverage real-time alerts to quickly identify and block the use of compromised credentials and initiate takedown of personal information before they can be weaponized and lead to account takeovers, impersonations, reputational attacks, and in extreme cases, cyber or physical threats that put an executive’s or employee’s family at risk.

Learn More About Your Employees’ and Your Organization’s Risk Exposure

Executives and key employees like privileged IT personnel and HR are the new attack vector for cybercriminals as they have top-tier access to sensitive information which can lead to credential theft, account takeover, and a ransomware attack. Surprisingly, most organizations do not recognize a need for employee protection – until it’s too late. Constella Employee Protection helps organizations rapidly identify and remediate threats targeting 1000s of key employees at scale with real-time monitoring, and automated early warning alerts when credentials have been exposed.

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