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Constella’s Threat Intelligence team continues to actively monitor and analyze Russia’s invasion of Ukraine across the entire digital threat landscape including emerging cyber threats, suspicious discussions on the surface, deep & dark web as well as geopolitical threats and disinformation campaigns. Here are our latest resources. Check back often for updates as the crisis evolves.

Russian Official Accounts & State-Sponsored Media Penetrate the Debate, by Spreading Targeted Narratives

Key Insights from June 21 – 27, 2022 – As the Ukraine crisis precipitates cyber threats, Constella examines the digital public conversation to understand the long-term impacts of the conflict.

To understand the key actors and principal narratives driving the digital conversation, Constella created a custom, proprietary dashboard available through our Dome Platform, visualizing selected dimensions of the digital public conversation about the Ukraine crisis to identify fast-moving global trends emerging from the online conversation.

Energy and Telco Sectors: At Heightened Risk of Russian Cyberattacks

The average economic cost of a cyberattack can be over 4 million USD, according to an IBM report. Given the reputational costs, the damage goes much further.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has awoken all cyberattack alerts. In the eye of the hurricane, the energy, financial services, and telecommunications sectors are the three industries most exposed to Russian cyberattacks. Companies in these sectors need to recognize and respond to the vulnerabilities that put them at increased risk.

U.S. Financial Services Must Brace for Increased Cyberattacks from Russia

As North America and Europe implement tighter financial restrictions and block Russian banks from using the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (“SWIFT”) transactions system, tensions are growing to an all-time high. 

Constella’s VP of Threat Intelligence Sean Tierney writes in CEOWorldMagazine how sanctions against Russia have created an increased risk of cyberattacks for the Financial Sector and best practices companies should implement to protect their digital profiles.

Is your Cyberteam ready? How the Ukraine Crisis will impact your company and employees

How bad actors utilize cyberwarfare against corporates, executives and employees on the back of global events.

The Ukraine crisis has the potential to seriously impact more than just Eastern Europe. Companies across the globe must be prepared for bad actors who invoke cyberwarfare against companies, executives, and employees in the private and public sector.

Read more about why organizations should be on alert and what they can do to prepare for a new wave of cyber-attacks.

Constella Intelligence Investigation into Russia-Ukraine Cyber Threat Discussions

Public digital conversations related to the Ukraine crisis more than doubled in a single day while conversations related to cyberattacks skyrocketed nearly 1500%.
Constella Intelligence team’s investigation into the Russian cyber threat to Ukraine found a significant increase of discussions about the conflict in Ukraine on the surface, deep & dark web as well as cyber threats over the past several weeks.


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