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Constella Intelligence Launches Dome Brand Protection

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I’m proud to announce the release of our new Dome Brand Protection module for our Dome Platform. It has been quite a journey since we first started offering this capability several years ago as a service from our Insights Professional Services Team, then through our Tracker and Analyzer tools, and now as part of our Dome platform.

This continuation of our product strategy is meant to provide organizations with a single platform to protect themselves from a wide range of external risks. We imagined the Dome platform to be a single pane of glass that enables any type of organization to protect their people, assets, and brands. Today we can say that that dream is now a reality thanks to the hard work of many Constella team members—from our intelligence analysts to our engineering teams—who have been pushing hard to launch Dome Brand Protection.

Because of all that hard work, today we have delivered the easiest-to-use, most accurate external risk platform in the market. You can start protecting your people and brands in just a few minutes without any training or complex onboarding processes, leveraging the Constella DOME platform that deliverers a high degree of automation and customizable threat models across multiple use cases.

Dome Brand Protection delivers accurate and relevant findings immediately. Its automated monitoring and analysis significantly reduces the time your security and analyst teams need to spend manually collecting OSINT and managing irrelevant or false positive findings. Your teams will now be freed up to focus on mitigating threats targeting your brand and your customer.




Alberto Casares

VP of Threat Research


The Need for a Holistic Solution

When we speak to potential customers about protecting their organization from external threats to their brand, one of the greatest challenges they face is that this responsibility is often spread across several departments, including the CSO, CISO, Legal, Marketing and Risk teams.

The result is that each team treats threats as isolated events and analyzes them individually or from a single perspective (e.g., legal, reputation, security, intelligence, or technical). This compartmentalized approach impedes critical activity.

Instead, by taking an enterprise-wide approach and sharing actionable intelligence across teams, organizations have a much better understanding of the scope of a threat. That awareness will translate into faster and more effective mitigation of the nefarious activity before damage occurs.

This is why applying a holistic approach to the challenge of brand protection is imperative. With a holistic strategy, threats are mitigated sooner, fewer internal resources are consumed overall, and the amount of economic losses suffered are greatly reduced.

Who is Responsible?

In most cases, having different people with different skills analyze the same threat allows for a faster and more effective response. As an example, let’s consider a scenario where a corporate identity has been exposed in a data breach—one of the most common threats that companies suffer.

Imagine that Constella’s Dome Platform alerts Company Y that a compromised identity from within their organization has been found on the Dark Web. It is determined that an employee used their corporate email to sign-up for an adult site which was later involved in a breach and the contents of that breach were sold on the Dark Web.

We have found that in many organizations the typical response is limited to the CISO’s department, which views the threat from the perspective of information security. Their typical solution is to simply require the employee to change their password to prevent future unauthorized access to the network.

However, this narrow focus is not enough as it does not analyze the threat from other points of view, such as legal, employee safety, corporate reputation, or employee training.

Some important questions the organization should ask include:

  • Are we analyzing how our employees are using corporate credentials? Have credentials been misused like this before, within the company? Are we educating our employees about acceptable use policies?
  • Are we analyzing other types of threats that could target this employee or the company as a result of that exposure? Such as sextortion, blackmailing, phishing, or even physical threats because as part of the compromised information included PII that was his personal physical address?
  • Are we measuring or, better yet, preventing any potential reputational risk to the company? Did that sensitive breach involve a key employee in the organization?

If your organization isn’t asking these questions, you should revisit your approach to brand protection.

After many years of helping both mid-enterprise and large enterprise companies protect their brand, we found that most of the brand protection platforms on the market are too complex and require deep technological understanding. They also usually need in-depth training and support from expert analysts before any real and actionable information can even be generated.

Additionally, we observed that most of the tools on the market present customers with another problem—hundreds or even thousands of false positives or low-value alerts. This “noise” overloads analysts with alert fatigue, impeding their ability to focus on the real threats and take them down as soon as possible.

Why Constella Brand Protection?

The Constella Dome Platform offers a single solution for the diverse stakeholders across your enterprise to protect your brands from a range of threats, including:

Malicious Domains: ML-powered detection of malicious domains targeting your organization, including typosquatters that launch phishing attacks or serve up credential-stealing malware, or look-alike sites that sell counterfeit or pirated products.

Breach Intelligence: Receive real-time notifications about exposed identities on the Deep and Dark Web. The ability to see compromised data and metadata—enriched by Constella’s Human Intelligence Team—gives you more insight about the threat such as:

– Type of breach with description
– Recommendations and action items to prevent future attacks
– Category of the breach (Health, Gambling, Gaming, Dating, Finance, etc.)
– Date of the leak and publication date

Dark Web: Know when your Brand is discussed on anonymous sites including cybercrime forums, telegram channels, marketplaces, and onion sites.

Physical Threats: Identify potential physical threats to your employees and facilities that start as conversations on the Dark Web, and respond before they disrupt your operations and endanger employee health and safety.

Exposed Credentials from Phishing Campaigns: Stop account takeover attacks from compromised credentials in phishing campaigns that are targeting your employees before threat actors can monetize and weaponize the data. You can also use this information to educate your employees on how to identify and avoid future phishing campaigns targeting them.

Social Media Impersonation: Automatically detect fake social media profiles created by criminals to sell counterfeited products, commit fraud, or damage the reputation of your brand. You will be able to monitor and request takedown as soon as they are active.

Information Leaks: Detect potential leaks of intellectual property, sensitive, or regulated data from source repositories, open devices, or documents that have been published on the Internet and prevent IP loss.

Insider Risk: Learn when insiders or corporate domains are active on the Dark Web. See indicators that can help you to identify potential insider risks and prevent them before they become a reality.

In addition to its automated, continuous monitoring that eliminates manual, ad hoc monitoring of threats, the Dome platform is also engineered to make your existing team more efficient in three areas:

Reduced False positives: With Dome, you will see a smaller number of false positives by default, due to our advanced analytics. , You will also have access to advance capabilities to create disambiguation rules, advanced filters, and policies to create custom threat models. Dome enables you to personalize the information you want to be notified about and create rules to disambiguate the findings to have more accuracy in future detections.

Advance Investigation Tools: Thanks to the integration with Constella Hunter, our unique threat actor investigation tool, enables you to rapidly attribute malicious activity, fraud, and potential insider threats. With Hunter, you can analyze data from thousands of sources, collate and compare it across sources, and identify unknown connections and networks of activity.

Automated Takedown Requests: Break free from your dependence on on the availability of in-house resources to remove malicious or harmful content and request a takedown automatically. Our experienced team will take over the process of working with content providers, social media platforms, and domain registrars to free up your internal resources.

Constella continues to work hard to incorporate more solutions into Dome to provide holistic protection to your enterprise. Keep following us for news on future developments.

Constella Dome Brand Protection Launch Announcement – Press Release

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