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Deep and Dark Web Identity Monitoring

Comprehensive risk protection against exposed identities, domains and data leaks across the surface, deep and dark web

Cybercriminals continue to harvest millions of individuals’ credentials and personal information (PII) every year, supplying them with valuable data that they can weaponize themselves or sell on the dark web—sites that are not indexed and only accessible via specialized web browsers. Encryption technology and browser anonymization software, like TOR, make it possible for anyone to dive dark if they’re interested.

The dark web is often linked to criminal intent or illegal content, and “trading” sites where users can purchase illicit goods or services. Constella’s dark web identity monitoring detects exposure of consumer personal data in anonymous, hidden and gated areas of the internet—the dark web.

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Data Breaches

The best collection of exposed Identity Data Breaches from the Underground communities in the market.

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Underground Brokers

Information shared by identity brokers operating in the Underground communities.

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Data Leaks

Identity information leaked in Forums, Bin sites, P2P, Deep and Dark Web.

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Telegram Channels and Repositories

Information shared in specialized underground channels and underground repositories. Including the Botnet Infostealer brokers.

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Deliver High-Value, Actionable Alerts to Your Customers

Alert your customers to new identity threats before threat actors exploit it for account takeover or monetize it on the dark web
Constella delivers actionable, real-time alerts to your customers when their credentials or PII have been stolen on the deep & dark web.

Alerts contain essential information and context your customers need to understand the scope of their exposure and how to respond, including:

  • Detailed descriptions of the compromised data and attribution to specific domain
  • Last password characters that allow your customers to recognize the specific exposed password and change it in other systems in the event of password re-use
  • Recommendations for how your customers can respond to reduce their risk to the exposure


Get Comprehensive Identity Protection

Constella deep and dark web identity monitoring detects 40+ types of exposed consumer information, such as passwords, bank cards, driver licenses, and SSN/national IDs etc.

With deep and dark web monitoring, partners and customers can immediately take protective measures to thwart a breach or abuse of stolen information—minimizing the potential for financial loss and personal disruption.

Customers of deep and dark web monitoring will also be prompted to reset passwords for compromised accounts before damage occurs and will have unique and immediate visibility into when they have been victims of an attack.

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Personally Identifiable Information

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Login Credentials & Passwords

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Corporate Intellectual Property

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Medical & Financial Data

Constella Powers the Top Five Overall Leaders

in Fraud Management

The Industry’s Largest Curated Data Lake

Constella’s API curates the largest breach data collection on the planet with over 180 billion attributes and 124 billion breached identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages, comprising massive networks and 10+ years of historical data. Add deep and dark web monitoring to your intelligence arsenal to prevent identity data from falling into the wrong hands.

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