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Synthetic Identity Fraud Detection

Gain Unmatched Visibility into Internal and External Threats

In an era defined by sophisticated cybercrime and heightened fraud activity, organizations are challenged to secure against synthetic and fake identities, as well as malicious and fraudulent behaviors within their workforce and among business relationships and supply chains.

Constella’s Advanced Know Your Employee (KYE) and Know Your Business (KYB) solutions comprehensively address a wide range of identity threats:

Advanced KYB: External Identity Risk Detection

Ensure the authenticity and integrity of external relationships, such as supply chain partners and B2B customers and entities, by uncovering synthetic and fake identities and risky or criminal activities that may jeopardize organizational security.


Advanced KYE: Internal Identity Risk Detection

Continuously monitor for and address potential threats stemming from synthetic or fake identities and fraudulent or criminal activities within internal networks, bolstering organizational security and resilience.


Connect with Constella to learn how to uncover internal and external identity threats.

Uncover & Mitigate Identity Risks

Constella’s Advanced KYE and KYB, powered by ID Fusion and the world’s largest data lake, are innovative solutions that uncover internal and external risks with unparalleled depth and confidence.

Harnessing the power of AI-driven data correlation across 1 trillion identity data points, organizations can conduct proactively:

Identity Monitoring:

Regular, comprehensive scanning identifies potential threats and risks posed by fraudulent/criminal activity.

Contractor and Portfolio Monitoring:

Safeguard your investments and supply chain integrity through ongoing insights.

Fraudulent Identity Provisioning:

Enrich your current security and risk process with advanced vetting and verification to uncover potential risk factors unknown through public and credit data.


Unparalleled Detection Capabilities

For the financial sector and other industries characterized by stringent regulations, sensitive data, and high susceptibility to threats, Constella’s Advanced KYE and KYB solutions deliver:

Synthetic and Fake Identity Detection:

Constella’s proprietary ID Fusion engine uncovers synthetic and fake identities created to mislead and abuse organizations, including employees, contractors, B2B customers/entities, and across supply chains.

Identity Threat Digital Monitoring:

Identify risky and criminal activities for millions of digital fraudsters, including hackers, information sellers, carding traders, drug dealers, money launderers, human traffickers, and more.

synthetic identity

ID Fusion

ID Fusion

Connecting identity records across one person

Constella’s proprietary ID Fusion engine connects identity information through billions of relations using private, structured data – enabling organizations to uncover synthetic identities and other identity risks and threats.

Outputs: Actionable Data Insights

Synthetic & Fake Identity Score: Quantify risk associated with each individual based on comprehensive data analysis by ID Fusion.

Malicious Risk Score: Evaluate the likelihood of existing criminal or malicious behavior, aiding in informed decision-making.

KYE solution

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