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Constella Intelligence Unveils Advanced Know Your Business Solution, Revolutionizing External Identity Risk Management

Constella builds on proven KYE expertise with a new Advanced Know Your Business solution, offering comprehensive identity risk detection capabilities across internal and external domains

Constella Intelligence (“Constella”) proudly introduced its Advanced Know Your Business (KYB) solution, a pioneering leap in external identity risk management that builds upon its established Know Your Employee (KYE) capabilities. Constella’s Advanced KYB solution sets a new standard by effectively identifying synthetic, malicious, and fake identities, fraudulent activities, and high-risk behaviors, helping to fortify organizational defenses across supply chains and B2B transactions.

Constella’s approach is rooted in extensive expertise and proven results, including its active support in high-profile investigations such as Reuters’ scrutiny of North Korean synthetic identities and cases highlighted by renowned cybersecurity investigative journalist Brian Krebs. These collaborations underscore the critical need for robust identity risk management tools to detect and mitigate risks associated with fake identities and criminal activities.

Chris Kissel, IDC Research Vice President, Security & Trust said, “Constella’s innovative approach promises a new level of visibility into internal threats in an age where data security is paramount, helping to fortify organizational resilience and ensuring peace of mind for stakeholders at every level.”

Harnessing the Power of AI and 1 Trillion Identity Assets

Constella’s advanced Know Your Business solution leverages ID Fusion AI profiling technology and taps into the world’s largest data lake comprising over 1 trillion recaptured assets from the surface, deep, and dark web. This comprehensive approach enables organizations to now identify synthetic identities, fraudulent activities, and other high-risk behaviors with unprecedented accuracy and depth, strengthening their defense against evolving threats across supply chains and from B2B transactions.

Comprehensive Identity Risk Detection Capabilities

With Advanced KYE and Advanced KYB, Constella’s comprehensive approach addresses a wide range of identity risks:

  • Advanced KYB: External Identity Risk Detection

Ensure the authenticity and integrity of external relationships, such as supply chain partners and B2B customers and entities, by uncovering synthetic and fake identities as well as risky or criminal activities that may jeopardize organizational security.

  • Advanced KYE: Internal Identity Risk Detection

Continuously monitor for and address potential threats stemming from synthetic or fake identities as well as fraudulent or malicious activities within internal networks, bolstering organizational security and resilience.

Kevin Senator, CEO at Constella, emphasized the strategic importance of this comprehensive offering, stating, “Constella’s Advanced KYB solution represents a significant expansion of our capabilities, reinforcing our commitment to providing organizations with the tools they need to navigate the evolving threat landscape.”

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About Constella: is the global leader in AI-driven identity risk and deep and dark web intelligence for such applications as identity theft, insider risk, Know Your Employee (KYE), and deep OSINT investigations. With the world’s largest breach database, containing over one trillion data attributes in 125+ countries and over 53 languages, Constella empowers leading organizations across the globe to monitor and secure critical data through unparalleled visibility and actionable insights. Ready for a secure future? Reach out to Constella today and stay one step ahead of digital threats.

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