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“Renewing Democracy in the Digital Age”: Alejandro Romero Contributes to the Berggruen Institute’s Recent Report

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COO of Constella Intelligence, Alejandro Romero, participated in and contributed to a recently published three-year comprehensive study and related series of convenings dedicated to exploring pathways for democratic reform with the goal of strengthening democratic values, institutions, and outcomes. The study was carried out by The Berggruen Institute Future of Democracy program and represents both a capstone of a transnational, multi-stakeholder project and the launch of a new discourse around reforms in critical areas within diverse societies.

The project involved a dynamic process of engagement with key stakeholders across industries, disciplines, and geographies, resulting in a series of recommendations in the key areas of (1) renewing social cohesion, (2) rebuilding the public square, and (3) renovating democratic institutions. The report contains the conclusions of the work conducted.

The mission of the Berggruen Institute is to understand our current era of great transformation and to develop new insights and ideas for building a thriving, prosperous 21st-century society. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated several global transformational changes that are of central importance to this comprehensive study carried out by the Institute.

Explore the full report in further depth here.

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