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Constella Introduces Surface Web Data to Bolster Intelligence API Offering


Constella API Now Offers the Most Advanced Identity Threat Protection Through the Addition of Surface Web Data

LOS ALTOS, Calif. and MADRID, March 25, 2020 – Constella Intelligence, a leading global Digital Risk Protection company, today announced that the Company’s API now includes surface web data as part of its service offering. This new data source – which builds upon the most extensive breach data collection on the planet – enables Constella to track regular, day-to-day web activity to quickly alert on and defend against exposures of customer identity information. When a data breach occurs, the stolen data often ends up on the dark web — the black market of the internet where cyberthieves buy and sell this information for profit. The “surface web” is the area where data can be deliberately posted, such as or, in some cases, innocently used or leaked through social media sites, online shopping, reading news feeds, and visiting business, informational, and entertainment websites. By monitoring this vector in real-time, Constella can help prevent identity data from falling into the wrong hands in all web locations, enabling faster and more comprehensive protection for consumers. Constella can also help users identify what data is publicly available. With the uptick in social engineering and phishing attacks, information available on the web is increasingly valuable to cyber thieves & criminals. Identifying legitimate and illegitimate personal data on the surface is the next step in the evolution of protecting oneself.“The surface or public web is the indexed part of the web that we all can access,” said Jason Wagner, Vice President of Identify Intelligence at Constella Intelligence. “Introducing the ability for our partners to monitor this part of the web and this data allows us to offer a complete monitoring solution for identity theft and privacy providers to protect their customers fully. Our partners can now leverage our artificial intelligence alongside our technology platforms to search and monitor the entire web for sensitive and non-sensitive data.”Recent studies suggest a direct correlation between an individual’s actions and the representation of digital brands online, yet 56% of adults don’t actively think about the consequences of their online activities. In fact, 70% of employers did not hire an applicant based upon content found online. By integrating Constella’s surface web data, partners can now enhance and extend their service offerings to help customers identify how their digital reputation and personal brands appear and how others may perceive it.To learn more about how Constella’s Intelligence API can enhance your protection capabilities, visit us here or request a personalized demo to see the enhanced Intelligence API in action.About Constella IntelligenceConstella Intelligence is a leading provider of Digital Risk Protection and Threat Intelligence services that help unmask adversaries and defend against external threats.


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